Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Eriksson Approached

Maisfutebol reports that Luis Felipe Vieira, Rui Costa and Paulo Goncalves were in Manchester today in a meeting with Eriksson. Portuguese Tv station Sic, has also shown video of the three Benfica representatives leaving a Hotel in the city of Manchester today. Eriksson and his agent left the same hotel a bit later.

Eriksson is currently under contract with Manchester City, but has been the target of much criticism. There were talks that Eriksson would be on the outs, but those talks have yet to materialize into something conclusive. Under his current contract, Eriksson earns 4 million Euros a year at Manchester, a salary that is very far from Benfica's possibilities.

I'm sure we will hear of more developmenst in the next couple of days


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Starting11 said...

Interesting to see that Benfica is indeed moving ahead on Sven. I agree the money is out of reach, but you never know.

BTW, just did a Euro preview of Portugal's group. Check it out.

Starting11 said...

Here's my take on the Eriksson meeting: I think he's using Benfica as a bargaining chip for a bigger job. Read on:

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