Sunday, February 3, 2013

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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Episode 37 10/17/12

In this episode, Marco and I tackle the topic of the hour at Benfica, the upcoming elections. Rui Rangel has formalized his candidacy, but other than the regular run of the mill critics, Rangel has not brought forth anything people can attach to. In the second segment of the podcast, we look at the double fixture the national team had, and revisit what has been the calculator type qualifying this team has accustomed us to. We wrap up the pod by previewing the Portuguese cup match Benfica will have this coming Thursday against Freamunde. thanks for listening please subscribe via Itunbes, Stitcher radio or RSS Feed. Type rest of the post here

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Episode 36 10/10

It's a full house for this week's episode, Pedro returns, Steve finally steps up to the challenge, and Marco and I are happy to have company. We start off by looking back at Benfica's win against Beira-Mar this past weekend. Among many things we discuss the worrisome tendency of allowing early goals, as we have now allowed early goals in our last three matches. Speaking of allowing early goals, we turn our attention to Artur and his sub-par moment of form, is it lack of competition, lack of focus, or perhaps Luisao's absence? We then take on Enzo Perez's adaptation to the "8" position. Staying with adaptations we turn to Melgarejo and wonder what happened to the big magnifying glass that was on him, he hasn't compromised our defense, but is that a result of skill or safe decisions on his part? Lastly we all take a crack at who should play up front when Cardozo comes back. With Lima's emergence, JJ's decision of who to play up front will be harder and harder. We examine the various partnerships, each players suitabilities, and the formations that will get the most out of each one of them. In the second segment, Pedro tells us about what he saw live at Estadio da Luz when Barca came to visit just last week. To conclude, we talk about the nearing elections taking place at the end of this month. One name has emerged to run against Luis Felipe Vieira - Rui Rangel. We don't know much about Mr Rangel, but we all agree that a change isn't always the best thing. Thanks For Listening

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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Episode #35 10/3/12

In this week's episode, Marco and I start off by talking about the events at Benfica's general assembly, where a group of fans contested Luis Felipe Vieira and called for his resignation, causing Benfica's president to leave under heavy security. With club elections taking place on the 26th, there is an emergent opposing movement to the current mandate, but no recognizable face or credible project has been made public. With the pressure mounting on the club's administration, only wins will tame the "angry mob", and that's what Benfica did when they traveled up north to face Pacos de Ferreira. New signing, Lima, was instrumental in the win, netting 2 goals and being the key figure of the match. Coincidentally a slip by porto allowed us to regain first place where we hold a goal average lead. We then looked at the Champions League clash against mighty Barcelona, where despite losing, and being dominated for the whole entire second half, Benfica has nothing to be ashamed of. Massive possession stats and the all too familiar tiki-taki style of the Catalans eventually did us in, as the fading legs, and the lack of possession and efficiency were the biggest factors for the negative result. We wrap up the pod by looking at this weekend's game versus last place Beira Mar. Thanks for listening, subscribe via Itunes, Stitcher radio or RSS feed

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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Benfica Podcast # 34 9/25/12

In this episode, Marco and I discuss this past weekend's action against Academica. From the controversial calls, to tactics and our inability to win this game, we have you covered. We also talk about Benfica's VP's statement on monday morning, in which he states both Benfica, and head refereeing boss Vitor Pereira, were warned about a possible strange happenings in this game. Before moving on to the next topic we ponder on whether JJ will have to change his tactical set up, or if will make do with what he has at his disposal. To wrap up we preview both the Pacos de Ferreira game and the Barcelona game. thanks you for listening Please subscribe via Itunes, Stitcher Radio or Rss Feeder

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Friday, September 21, 2012

Benfica Podcast # 33 9/20/12

In this week's POD, Marco and I discuss Luisao's 2 month ban, and the timing
of the sentence announcement by the FPF. We then turn our attention to this
year's inaugural game of the Champions League group stages. We talk Xs and
Os as JJ fields a few surprises at Celtic Park. To wrap up we look ahead to
this Sunday's game in  Coimbra against Academica, where Benfica hasn't lost
in 39 years.

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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Benfica Podcast #32 9/11/12

With Mateus, Neil, and Carry
In this episode we further discuss what will happen with the team after the exit of Javi and Witsel. With 2 weeks to prepare, what will JJ do to keep the team cohesive and successful.  Will the mad scientist turn to the B team, or will he test tube some kind of an experiment?  Will he make it to the transfer window shore, or will he get swept by the waves of criticism and failure?
We conclude the pod by looking ahead to the upcoming game against Celtic, as well as what some keys will be to get through to next round of the Champions League

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