Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Cesar Delgado By Hours

According to ESPNDeportes, Cesar Delgado is a few hours from signing with Benfica. ESPNDeportes cites a source close to Cruz Azul. The contract would be for 4 and a half years. ESPNDeportes also reports that an agreement has been reached and right now only minor details need to be agreed on.

Original Article here ( in Spanish)


Jason86 said...

Has anyone seen this guy play before? I don't mean youtube highlights (but he looks awesome in those).

Hopefully he can play and he's not another Bergessio.

Fumas said...

I haven't seen him play, but in his defense and in comparison to bergessio he does have 20 caps, an 04 olympic gold medal among other accolades, if you ask me he has hit a wall in the Mexican league where in 05 he was forward of the year.. his tally from cruz azul is 57 goals in 135 games. I don't think there's much comparison there.
as far as bringing in a south american player to benfica at this time i have my own reservations, which i'll explore in a future post.

sa said...


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